Thursday, January 17, 2013

Projects & Resolutions: 2013 Edition

My goal of 2012 was simply "get married, don't murder anyone".  Oh, and try to survive a gigantic re-org at my job.  I think I succeeded pretty well on all counts, depending on your definition of "survive" when it comes to work - I'm still adjusting to altered duties and new coworkers, as well as a new office space, but in general getting things done and being helpful to people, which is the basic principle of my job.

For 2013, work-related resolutions are to be more organized/juggle various duties more efficiently, and in the non-work related world, we have the following.

1) Money - Deal with it

J and I didn't combine our finances prior to getting married.  Partly because he uses an online-only bank and I didn't want to switch to that, and partly because I wanted us to begin using a credit union, which he would only be eligible to join after we were officially married.  I am still in the process of switching my personal accounts to the credit union, because it is NOT an easy process.

Aside from that, we want to pay down my student loans.  J managed to graduate with no student loan debt and land a high-paying engineering position immediately after college, whereas I was not so lucky.  I have paid down my total debt considerably since graduating, and thanks to the careful planning and foresight of my parents, my total incurred debt was much lower than many people's.  With an aggressive payment plan, we should be able to pay things off within 2 years.  We want to make sure my loans are paid off (or at least significantly paid down) before we start booking tickets for Babyville, so it's a priority for now.

I'm hoping somewhere in this mix we will afford a trip to the West Coast to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and their super-adorable-fantastic son.  I can't wait to meet the little dude in person.

2) House - Make it Better

In 2011, we bought a townhouse and pretty much gut-renovated the majority of the space.  Our renovations included new flooring in every room of the house (including attempting to level-out a floor nearly 3 inches off-level on the ground floor...), electrical repairs (culminating in re-wiring 1/3 of the house, including the all-electric kitchen), and a LOT of aesthetic updates.

Now, I am hopeful that this year we can do some minor projects, including decluttering the second bedroom/office, eliminating unnecessary items stored in the basement, and improving the overall storage in the living room and main bathroom.

Living Room:  New coffee table with more storage potential for cat toys/remotes/craft-related debris, new wool rug to replace the sad, stained synthetic one from my old apartment, and new floating shelves flanking the fireplace, to replace the sad, dilapidated bookcases from my old apartment.  I am also upgrading a free wood cabinet that I got from work during our office move to house our cable modem, router, and other out-of-sight odds and ends.  I am installing metal hairpin legs to the base, to allow better air circulation for the baseboard heater in that corner, and installing magnetic latches and cute retro-inspired knobs.

Bathroom:  Install shelving in awkward nook to maximize storage.  Originally, this was a linen closet with a door that stuck horribly and disgusting wire shelving that could not be cleaned. And it was painted some shade of fuchsia?  It was awful.  We took the door off and J installed a shelf 18" above the floor to allow us to put a litter box in the bathroom, and then had a freestanding cabinet in the nook.  However, the cabinet doesn't use all of the available space and we could really use additional storage for linens and other assorted bathroom supplies, so J suggested installing 3-4 shelves and nixing the cabinet.  I also plan to get some baskets or other organizational items to help the space look less cluttered.  We also need to do some paint touch-ups and additional groutwork in the main bathroom - J replaced the heater in the bathroom, which left a hole in the tile underneath, and promised he would fill it in with grout.  The baseboard molding next to the heater also needs to be replaced, since the new heater has slightly different dimensions.

Basement: In the long-term, we need to completely re-wire the space and install new lighting.  The previous owners of our house had ever-so-thoughtfully "finished" the basement by putting up drywall and installing potlights in the ceiling, but neglected to do anything properly.  There are open wire connections next to flammable insulation.  Basically a fireman's (or building inspector's) worst nightmare.  I don't think this will happen this year, but I hope to at least sell a few extraneous furniture items on Craigslist and donate some other barely-used items.  Down the line, I would like the basement space to become a playroom/media room, as well as a crafting space for my sewing projects and knitting storage.

3) Bodies - Make 'em Healthier

J and I have both been struggling with our eating habits for the last few years, especially since moving in together and coping with the stress of wedding planning and various job transitions.  In particular, I have been having some health issues relating to my blood sugar, and my doctor recommended doing a low-carb diet.  After a lot of research, I am trying out a ketogenic diet, and so far I feel fantastic.  It's probably a testament to how truly awful I was feeling before the diet - when you feel crummy every day, it becomes the new normal.  I thought I would miss carbohydrate-filled foods more than I actually do, and hopefully along with the diet change, I will see some other positive effects.  I am choosing to focus more on feeling better and taking care of my health, rather than just trying to lose weight - let's hope it brings more positivity to this year and beyond.  J will likely try something, though we're not sure what, to adjust his diet as well - he loves beer too much to do the same diet that I am, but we both agree that we need to make some changes.  I am also hoping that by potentially losing weight and making an effort to be more active, I can finally banish the plantar fasciitis that has plagued me since my ankle surgery in mid-2011. My ankle surgeon said I basically have exhausted all non-surgical treatments, so if it is not able to resolve after losing some weight and strengthening my calves, I will need to either live with it until it goes away on its own (which feels unlikely after 2 years) or have surgery.  J and I mutually agreed after weathering my ligament reconstruction that "no more foot surgeries" was a rule in our relationship, but perhaps my painful, painful heels have other plans.

4) Outdoors - Make it Prettier

Last fall, we removed several old dying/dead bushes in front of our unit and the surrounding areas of the townhouse complex, and planted some new bushes - we won't be able to see until the spring how well they weathered the winter, but if all goes well we will have a much prettier exterior.  I also want to plant some vegetables in our backyard area - J has promised to make me raised beds to plant.  I am primarily hoping to grow some herbs and lettuces, and possibly peppers and tomatoes.  The homeowner's association is also planning to replace the exterior lighting - which will be really nice, since the lights by our door don't work at all!

So, we will see how 2013 goes. Lots of small, little things to affect positive changes rather than the one big goal from 2012.

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