Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Betazoid Wedding?

When we first started wedding planning, when it came to figuring out what to wear, I knew I wanted something long, NOT ballgown/princessy, NOT strapless, and (hopefully) channeling some old Hollywood glamor.  I figured, hey, we have a whole wide Internet at our disposal!  I will find something economically priced and awesome and never have to deal with pushy bridal shop salespeople!

How wrong I was.  It turns out that there are tons of plus size options (if you want a strapless dress), and tons of non-strapless options (if you're not plus-size), and several non-strapless, plus size dresses...  That are only for short(er) people.  Standard length on an off-the-rack dress would be too short for tall me in my super-cute heels, so I have had to cave and make an appointment at a bridal shop with decent Yelp reviews.  I am not overly optimistic about it, but at least two of my bridesmaids (one, a good friend from college with impeccable taste, two, my future sister-in-law) will be with me to keep me from assaulting a salesperson should they attempt to make me try on a strapless gown.  I have standards and I am sticking to them!

Aside from that, I did manage to find a strapless bra/undergarment thing that actually fits me and is surprisingly comfortable (and is rather flattering in general), so at least I am prepared to actually try on dresses at a store.  Not that they actually carry anything I can fit into at a store, but at least I can partially try on dresses and get an idea of how things look in person.

And if all else fails...  Betazoid wedding it is.

Life Event Jewelry = Awesome

Two months after we actually got engaged, I finally received my engagement ring last Saturday:

It's a .75ct Old European Cut antique stone in a vintage-inspired platinum setting.  The ring was designed and made by the super-amazing Jade Moran of Jade Moran Jewelry in Somerville, MA.  She did a truly amazing job of taking my all-over-the-place ideas for settings and making just the ring I wanted, while keeping things within our budget.  We're going to have her design our wedding bands as well.