Friday, January 20, 2012

Progress is progress, right?

This week was super-exciting.  After weeks of frustrated email exchanges with potential venues, most of whom were not even vaguely interested in negotiating anything within our budget, we have a venue!  And it's gorgeous!  And fits all of the criteria we were looking for!  We went to see it in person on Wednesday and booked it on the spot.

And since we have a venue, we also officially have a wedding date - December 16, 2012.

Tonight is another meeting with our jeweler about my engagement ring (it's been a long process, but the jeweler is amazing and understands what I'm looking for), and at some point over the weekend I need to do some hardcore research on photographers.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Busy as Bees in Beetown

Aside from silence on the blog front, massive wedding-related things have been happening.  So massive.  We told our parents (and just about everyone else who would listen) about our engagement, had some more meetings with the jeweler designing my ring (I will eventually have a ring but who knows when), and have been moving the getting-married train right along.

Other super-fun things: my job is insane, and my fiance's is getting hectic, so our time outside of work has been filled with knitting (me), Skyrim (him), and catching up on various TV shows (both) to destress.  And at some point, we take breaks from our destressing activities to discuss wedding crap.  (Note: I actually say, "We need to talk about wedding crap tonight," which perfectly embodies my feelings at this point.)  I researched venues like a madwoman and gave J the task of contacting the most promising to arrange visits and get answers to some of our preliminary questions, largely because otherwise he would just try to stay out of my way and I would feel like I was doing all of the work.  Let's just say that J is about as laid-back as I am uptight, when it comes to planning anything.

All I really want to do (at least in regards to wedding planning) is stick my head in the sand and let someone else do it, but that would require money (event planners are insanely expensive!) and I would still have to figure out what J and I both like/want and communicate it to others, so I would still be doing the sort of things I don't like to do.

A few weeks ago, one of J's friends asked me if I knew what our wedding theme was going to be, and I said, "Whatever doesn't send us to debtor's prison, plus emphatically non-religious, and maybe, possibly, Star Wars".  Which is to say that we won't be spending money on a lot of things - I haven't yet broken it to my mother (who loves flowers and floral arrangements) that I don't want to have flower arrangements or flower bouquets, and I had to have a long talk with J about the benefits of a wine and beer selection versus a full open bar.  And I want it to be at least a little geeky, considering we met at our favorite local comic shop, and are huge geeks.

One thing that has surprised me about planning our wedding has been that all of the notions I had idly thought of over the years - colors, design elements, etc. - just kind of flew out the window.  The things I'd thought of were nice but they weren't us.  It was hard to visualize that before there was an us.  Sometimes I think that I might be disappointing 10-year-old-me, but I know that the end result is going to be a day that is all about us, our future, and building the foundation of our own baby family, and that is so much more special.  And when you have that, who needs roses in various shades of cream and blush?